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Welcome to my website to find out what I do. With me, you can take a seat in one of my cooking classes, on an airplane to far, distant, exotic destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore, or walk with me to ramble on through the streets and alley ways of San Francisco Chinatown for a culinary trek.

If it is Southeast Asian cooking classes you are looking for, mine are fun and overflowing with wild and wonderful culinary experiences, menu ideas and you'll learn a lot about Asian cooking techniques. While dabbling into the sauces, ingredients and tools of Asian cooking you'll also soak up culinary traditions. Depending on your preference, I teach in private cooking schools, in your home or mine, and I totally enjoy team-building classes for corporate clients or private parties.

If you want to put more than your toes in the water, cover them with good walking shoes and escape into "a city within the city" for a Chinatown walking tour. Truly, a small microcosm of China and not a Disney set or theme park but a lively community, I was born and raised there so with me, you'll see it from a native's point of view. You'll experience the 'roasting house' where roasted ducks, chicken, and strips of marinated pork hang in the storefront window, cafés, dim sum tea rooms, a fourth floor walk-up Chinese temple, and more. If you want to really dive in, hop on a Boeing 747 with me on one of my famous 'Dining-and-Cooking' tours to taste and savor my favorite eating spots in Southeast Asia interlaced with customized cooking classes in cooking schools or private homes surrounded by native exotic fauna or state-of-the-art skyscrapers. Your choice!

My Mission...

"It is my goal to share the joy and opulence of Asia's cultural and culinary treasures, to teach how to fully enjoy and savor the unique flavors of Asian food, and to appreciate the sensibilities and nuances of dining at the Asian table. But first and foremost my ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun with cooking."

About Joyce Jue

From her home base in San Francisco, Joyce educates and communicates about Asian food and culture throughout the USA, Asia and beyond. An award-winning cookbook author, her primary focus includes cooking instructions, food and cookbook writing, consulting, event planning, and Asian culinary tours in San Francisco and Southeast Asia.

Winner of the
IACP Best International Cookbook Award.